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somebody told the stars you're not coming out tonight
and so they found a place to hide
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11.14.12 - good news!
All your good juju worked, guys! I got accepted to study abroad with my program.

Boom, there's my delightful photographic evidence. So now the next month of my life is basically making sure all my paperwork gets into the program on time. Housing, class selections, health forms, the whole shebang. I even have to send them a notarized copy of my passport.

I feel like this whole process has a lot of repetition in it. I had to send all this stuff to my school and now I have to do it all over again for my program and it's just driving me bonkers. But it'll all be worth it in the end.

83 days to departure!
Election coverage is really stressful, let me tell you. Last election, it was such an easy sweep for Obama, but for some odd reason, it's seeming much closer tonight, even though most states are going where they're supposed to.

I blame the swing states. I'm looking at you, Florida.

Plus it doesn't help that most news sources are operating off exit polls and predictions, often very early predictions too. My home state of Illinois went blue with less than one percent reporting. Even though we're traditionally blue, that's still a bit of a situational jumping of the gun.

Either way, I'm camped out in the student union at my school right now with three different online electoral college maps open. The student union has CNN broadcast on the big screen in the union. Everyone is saying different things and I'm starting to wig out so I'll put it this way: if Romney wins I'm moving to Australia. End of discussion.

If you think I'm not serious, please consult this image of international student application information. Said tabs are currently open on the right side of my desktop staring at me and willing Obama to win.

I mean business when I say I'm leaving the country.

Okay, I lied. I'm double posting just so I can give you a smidgen of an idea about where I've been/what I've been up to.

This. This is part of why I've been so busy. Now most of you are probably looking at this and saying "well, Grace, I don't know what that is so this really means nothing to me". Well, confused readers, it's official confirmation from my study abroad program that they have received all the materials for my application and are currently reviewing them to let me know whether I will officially be going to Melbourne, Australia this spring or not! Study abroad, woo!

I've been wanting to go to Australia since I was a kid watching Steve Irwin on Animal Planet, and I've been wanting to study abroad since my parents forbade me from actually going to university in England when I was applying for universities four years ago. Needless to say, this whole experience could be a dream come true. Plus I get to say that I've spent more time in Australia than my dad has (the jerk spent three weeks there during my junior year in high school and called me during my ACT prep course to tell me how much fun he was having).

The email confirming they received my materials came in on Friday. Which means I'll hopefully know by the end of this week whether or not I'm officially going. Fingers crossed that I am.
11.05.12 - back in...blue?
What's this? Grace has returned from beyond the grave to blog? Egad!

It's only been almost two months, yikes. I would attempt to catch you up on what's happened, but that would probably take forever and I'm lazy so here's a picture of me being a spaz.

I love you all, people of the interwebs. I promise I'm back for good.
It's been almost a month since I updated, and to be quite honest, I've barely had time to catch my breath, let alone sit downa and write out a lovely post for all of you lovely interweb folk about what's been happening. Hopefully, that's going to change starting now-ish. Hopefully. I make no promises, except that this post is going to be ridiculously long. Maybe. I have a tendency to say that at the beginning and end up talking way less than I thought.

Starting classes! I didn't actually get a proper chance to talk about my classes specifically yet, so here goes nothing!
  • My first class is unfortunately a M/W 8:30 AM class. However, Principles of Advertising is an awesome class. My professor is an absolutely awesome guy. He had us make a thirty second spot on the second day of class which is floating somewhere around YouTube, not that any of you will get a link. As far as I'm concerned, he's the most well-connected professor I've had thus far. He regularly uses Twitter and got us all on there within the first two weeks. I just really enjoy his class and the fact that he genuinely enjoys teaching it and interacting with us. It's like a giant techy advertising party.
  • My next class is also a M/W class, but it's a PE class called "Self Defense for Women". I feel like this class takes the wrong approach sometimes, talking about the theory behind being attacked or approached by an unwanted person. We've gone over a few different defense positions and ways of retaliating, which is helpful. But the professors also have us run away screaming "fire, fire, fire" which, to me, seems absolutely ridiculous. They say it's to attract attention because people don't respond to "help", but seriously? Shouting "fire"? I don't know if I like this class, yet. I hope it gets better.
  • My last class of the M/W block is Book Design. It's a pretty fun class. I've had the professor before for Book Arts, which mostly focused on craftsmanship of books (and has been what the design class has been about so far). It's been a pretty good class, I'm enjoying myself and I'm excited for what this class can bring. For our first big project, we get to design book covers.
  • First up for my T/Th block is Theory and Practice of Journalism. I like the class, it's really interesting. We're in the process of writing our first article right now. The professor can be a bit of a hardass sometimes with how things are done--he's very set in his views--and he likes to have us read the NYT every single day, which I wouldn't mind except for the fact that I have a ton of other reading to do and I just don't have time for reading 10-13 articles per day. I have a colossal break between this class and my next one though, which is really nice.
  • Then I have History of Graphic Design. This class has been giving me a fair bit of stress. We read a chapter of this giant textbook every single week, have to answer roughly 10-12 slightly repetitive, multi-part questions per week, and then design a bookmark reflecting that week's art period. The professor says it gets easier, but I'm not feeling it right now.
  • My last class of that day is Advertising Design. This class is a bit more challenging than I thought it would be, but I think it's just getting into the mindset of an advertiser and trying to create taglines and such. I'm not used to being a writer, I'm used to being an artist, and I think that once I get into the swing of things, it'll get easier. Hopefully.
I think the best part is that I don't have classes on Friday. I love not having classes on Friday so I can sleep in or do laundry or catch up on homework. Best thing. Actual best thing.

Next up, recruitment. It started after the second week of school, and it was probably the most rewarding experience I've had so far. I chose to help with recruitment from the Panhellenic side and disaffiliate from my sorority. I spent all of recruitment weekend with a bunch of wonderful girls and potential new members who I'm still keeping in contact with. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can't even begin to put that experience into words. I think the best part about recruitment, though, was being able to run back to my sisters after reveal on Sunday. I wept. I am completely unashamed to admit that fact. I didn't realize how much I missed all of my sisters until I came back and had to walk past them but couldn't see them. But it's nice being back. It's so nice to be back.

On top of everything else, I've been continuing my preparations to study abroad. Just today I had a big pre-departure orientation where we got this big packet of information about what we need to do before we leave and what information we still need to send them. It's insane! I have to apply for a visa, and send in more forms and pictures and I'm about ready to beat my head against a wall. It'll be worth it, of course. I'm really excited. Woo!

The one thing I'm really excited about though, for this semester, is the number of people is coming to visit me. Both of my parents are coming to visit in October. What I'm most excited about, though, is the fact that one of my friends might be coming to visit me! None of my friends have ever come to visit me at school before, and I can't wait to have her come out so I can show her around.

Basically, exciting semester, school stress aside. I'll hopefully keep you all update more regularly now, too!
Right, I have a lot to talk about and only a finite amount of time before I have to go to sleep to wake up for my 8:30 AM class on time and not be exhausted so here goes.
  1. I'm officially back at school. Which sounds really...mundane...until I expound on it from here on.
  2. I moved in to find myself sans roommate. This is the second roommate I've gone through without any contact at all. My first roommate didn't answer the nice email I sent her, and I found out she didn't need the room two weeks before school started when I got sent a new roommate. And my new roommate never responded to my email either, and it's now Tuesday and she's never shown up. If this keeps up, I may have free crashing space for anyone who decides to come visit me.
  3. I'm in the midst of recruitment preparation from the Panhellenic side, which means not talking to any of my sorority sisters. It's been very bizarre, seeing them around campus but not wearing the shirts or tabling or going to the million and one recruitment workshops. But at the same time, I've been making some really nice new friends and I'm glad I'm getting that experience.
  4. My classes are pretty awesome this semester, even though I have 8:30 AM classes every day of the week. I'm taking a whole bunch of advertising classes, which I've wanted to take since day one coming in. I kinda wish I had time to take on advertising as a minor, but as is with my study abroad trip in the cards, I don't think it'll happen.
And that's about it for now. I need to sleep in 20 minutes to make sure I wake up on time tomorrow. Hopefully the rest of this week goes well.
08.22.12 - mm-mm-mm-madness
I've hit the end of my last week at home, and I've gotta say it's been a really weird experience. A lot of lasts that don't really feel like lasts but are the lasts for this summer.
  1. I had my last coffee with my grandma last week. It's been a pretty much weekly tradition all summer and it was weird when she said "this will probably be the last time I see you until Christmas". And then I realized that I would be using the coffee time next week (a.k.a. today) to pack. Still haven't really done that yet.
  2. I got in one last shopping day with my mom to get some new jeans. Surprisingly, she and I didn't argue, as is usually a fixture of our shopping adventures.
  3. I had my last zumba class last night. I didn't really want to go at the beginining of the summer, to be quite honest. But by now the instructor, Caroline, and I are getting on like old friends. I've even given her song recommendations. And we're hopefully going to swap Facebooks if we can ever get our emails sorted out. I will definitely miss that class when I'm back at school.
  4. I saw my friend Katie for the last time before I head back. She and I got deep dish pizza--which is only done properly in Chicago, I don't care what anyone thinks. Hopefully she's going to come visit me this semester. Fingers crossed!
On my last of last days, I've gone to lunch with my Dad (who won't be flying out with me to move in), gotten a mani/pedi with my mom, and bought my textbooks for the semester. Or most of them, but I'll explain class drama this weekend when I'm on campus and moved in. I have to make one more run out to my friend's house to drop off a game I borrowed at the beginning of the summer and finish packing up.

My flight heads out tomorrow at 8 AM. Yikes!
08.18.12 - watercoolers
Wow, that posting every day thing lasted all of...less than a day. Clearly I am excellent at keeping my own promises. So I will make up for yesterday with an uber long post about today.
  1. I actually might get paid for doing a bit of light graphic design for my mom's work. Long story short, they brought in a graphic designer to redesign their logo and their folios they hand out to clients, but they got about 95% of the way done and then had to scrap basically the whole thing. So my mom had me take a look at what they were deciding on dealing with and help them out. The boss for her company said if I help out enough that they'll pay me. As a broke college student, I really approve of this plan.
  2. Mom and I also visited the Art Institute today and saw a Roy Lichtenstein exhibit. He is amazeballs, basically. As an art history enthusiast, I really appreciated the whole gallery showing, especially how tongue-in-cheek Lichtenstien's humor was when it comes to his work. I was annoyed, however, that one of the commentators on the audio guide had a tendency to say "visual guide" and he really needed to not say it every two sentences.
  3. I got to grab DQ with my friends from home as a last send-off-get-together before everyone starts heading back to school. We basically sat in the middle of a park and talked about random things including our fears of snakes, bugs, and accompanying stories. One of my friends looked at me, later on, and said "being in college sucks." And I know what she means. We can't see eachother during the year (or barely can), and we barely see eachother during the summer either. It's going to be even weirder with me going off to Australia in the spring and one of my friends going off to Germany for a year starting in January.
Tomorrow I'm going to the Air and Water Show downtown and taking my Nikon. This will hopefully provide for my first ~photo post~ wooooo.
08.16.12(no subject)
internet hoe
I am really going to try and start doing daily entries again because it will challenge me to find something in my day worthy of talking about, even if it means my post is just a few sentences. So here goes it.
  1. My mother, in recent months, has decided that I should start paying my own bills. Now ordinarily I wouldn't mind because most of the bills she wants me to pay involve me logging into online banking and shooting off a check. But two days ago she dumped three medical bills into my lap. I should never be put in charge of these things because I can't figure out what's actually a bill and what's an EOB and whether I can pay the bill online or if I have to call. Conclusion: people just shouldn't let me pay bills.
  2. At some point over the past two days, I tripped and fell into the kpop mixes on 8tracks. Pretty sure I like the genre. Or at least SNSD, 4minute, SHINee, Super Junior, BoA, and a few others I can't remember or be bothered to translate right now.
Those are literally the most exciting things in my life right now. Let's see how this goes.

Also I promise I'll start catching up and commenting again. Bad LJ friend am I.

I really did need to make a separate post for this to properly illustrate my return and appropriate nerdgasm over this movie and appropriate work of godliness by Christopher Nolan. However, for the sake of those who may not care or who haven't seen the movie, I'll stick it behind a cut.

this movie, though...Collapse )
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